Acutonics is an energy-based, non-invasive healing treatment, similar to acupuncture.

It can be used to treat pain, arthritis, infertility, allergies, anxiety, and so much more.

Sound is the medicine of 
the future.

Specially-crafted titanium tuning forks are activated and can be placed on the body or in the body’s field to help restore health.  Acutonics is deeply rooted in mathematics and science with greats such as Pythagoras and Kepler leading the way.

Science has for centuries known that the celestial bodies move, and with this movement, a frequency is created. Mathematicians have measured and documented all the various frequencies in our Solar System. You may ask how is this relevant to us; here on planet Earth?
Well, our bodies are made up of trillions of cells and within each cell an atom.

What do atoms do? They vibrate!

In essence, we are a vibrating mass of cells exuding a certain frequency. Science has measured that each of our bodily systems has its own signature frequency, and the first signs of ‘dis-ease’, is when a particular frequency isn’t vibrating correctly. How does this apply to the planets in our night sky?
It is difficult to dispute how a full moon affects not only the oceans, but also us humans.

Some surgeons refuse to operate on a full moon as it is more difficult to stem the flow of blood.
Police departments and psychiatric hospitals have first hand experience of how a full moon affects part of the population. For centuries, farmers have noted the phases of the moon in order to achieve the best outcome for their efforts.

And so, when you receive an Acutonics treatment, the frequencies of the Earth, Moon and Planets are applied to the Traditional Chinese Meridian Points of the body. Your body has many energetic pathways and ‘dis-ease’, pain, or other conditions have been successfully treated with this modality.
Treatments for any condition are welcome and are conducted in the private ambiance of The Zen Shed in Orange NSW.

Further reading on Acutonics can be found at the Australia Acutonics website.

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