The Kundalini Experience

What is the Kundalini Experience? Why is Kundalini Yoga such a powerful and transformational yoga practice? What is the science and technology behind this most ancient and rewarding style of yoga?

Explore how sound, breath, movement and meditation can create an instantaneous higher state of consciousness, joy and well-being.

Discover a personal appreciation for what many have called the “Mother of All Yogas.”

Enjoy the vibrational sounds of the gong as it penetrates the body at a cellular level to help clear blockages.

The seven energy centres of your subtle body, known as chakras, contain the maps of your consciousness and the keys to your unfolding awareness. Each chakra has a frequency, a vibration, and a resonance that can be awakened through yoga and the sound of the gong.

Join the Kundalini Yoga class tonight in The Zen Shed to experience a deep healing and integration into wholeness.

How Kundalini Yoga Benefits You

Regular Kundalini Yoga practice will help you to:

  • Feel happier, healthier, be more productive, more creative and more relaxed!
  • Transform your life and relationships, and feel more fulfilled and satisfied.
  • Boost your energy levels and enjoy greater levels of physical well-being!
  • Become more intuitive and able to attract new opportunities.
  • Embark on an exciting new journey of self-discovery.

Join the ‘Beginner’s Class’, this week at ‘The Zen Shed’.

More information can be found on our classes page.

All are welcome.